• We are the architects of the clouds
    “Business on the Clouds. Isn’t IT romantic ?”

    Your business is growing, and you think it is time to expand. There’s always a space in the online market. Just say the word, we will get you there. Online Marketing, Online Sale, Web Design are our specialties.

Who we are?


Nguyen Trung Tam

In the future, more and more people will bring their business online. I started Vinaecom , believe my team will inspire and help people join this market.


Le Hai Dong

An entrepreneur who only stares at his pocket earns much, is only a small businessman. In contrast, the person who knows how to launch big markets into the world is the real entrepreneur.

Chief Accountant

Nguyen Thi Bich Lien

Me? I like counting money, and always skeptical on any expenses. I have two beautiful children, so I am a very protective mother. Vinaecom finance is also safe in my care.

Project Manager

Pham Ngoc Than

“Work hard - party hard’ is my motto. Nothing is better than a beer after work with my friends here.

Team Leader

Le Duc Thien

Decisive, straight to the point. That is how I like to work. Our job required constantly updating new technologies. So, don’t stop searching and acquiring. Chop Chop!

Web Developer

Nguyen Van Thua

I just got married in 2015 and am very content. Even the future is unpredictable, I do believe in the saying “because life is always try and constantly Hope".

Test Analyst

Nguyen Trung Tri

I am a minimalist. That is why I love finding computer bugs. They are tiniest simplest things that should not be exaggerated. The same for love. Don’t know why I am still single, tho.

Customer Svc. Rep.

Huynh Thi Kim Thoa

On the day of the interview, I was late because of the bus. The boss still remember it until today (lol). I want all of us to have more memories together!

Web Developer

Dang Hieu Tran

I am a believer and a dreamer. Like my colleagues, I found my goal here. Vinaecom is like a dream come true. I will be fearless and give it my own <?php echo "..."; ?>

Design Manager

Pham Nguyen Nam Huy

“I joined out of admiration for the Director’s charisma and ideals. I am contend with the way he works with designers. Plus, the working enviroment is flexible and free. I Iove it here! ”

Web Developer

Le Phan Vy

I look like a quiet person but do not mistaken. It is absolutely impossible to work in silence. My hobby is teasing everybody, that is funny.

Web Developer

Dinh Quoc Ky

They call me flat form wikipedia. I love to build the system my own way and discuss all day about programing, but just don’t talk to me about girls, it feels akward everytime…

Web Developer

Pham Nhu Y

Everything about this place is fantastic, from the works to the people. I feel great here.

Web Developer

Do Dong Van

Everything about this place is fantastic, from the works to the people. I feel great here.

Web Services

  • Web Design and Development
  • Web Business Solutions
  • Social Applications
  • Domain & Hosting Services

Brand Identity

  • Logos / Brand name design
  • Office admin document design
  • Sales kit, POSM design


  • Open Sources (Wordpress, Opencart, Magento)
  • Social Applications (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Custom Amazon, eBay Store